Tonsils and Adenoids

by admin on January 18, 2018

While many are familiar with the terms tonsilÌ or tonsillitis, fewer are familiar with adenoids, or what the tonsils and adenoids even are. Both are part of the glandular tissue of the throat. While the tonsils are at the back of the throat on either side, the adenoids are higher up in the throat and behind the soft palate, making them much more difficult to see.

While research indicates that both tonsils and adenoids help form antibodies to fight infection, this may only apply during infancy. When they become infected, however, the symptoms are the same: sore throat, fever, bad breath, congestion, and abdominal pain. The adenoids, based on their location, can additionally cause snoring and noisy breathing. While the first step of treatment is to heal the infection, recurrent infections require doctors to consider surgical removal. Due to the likelihood of both the adenoids and tonsils becoming infected, the decision to remove one will usually be accompanied by the removal of the other.

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