Proper Diagnosis of Sinusitis

by admin on January 4, 2018

Although sinusitis is frequently overdiagnosed in children, it can be the sign of a serious condition developing. A condition with similar symptoms, upper respiratory tract infection, is characterized by green or yellow mucus and a runny nose along with other indicators such as headache, fever, and cough.

Symptoms of sinusitis in children include a stuffy or runny nose accompanied with pain and pressure in the face. Other symptoms of sinusitis include tooth pain, fever, bad breath, and headache. Sinusitis is sometimes caused by viral infections and develops quickly. The condition usually takes four weeks to run its course while symptoms frequently clear up within one week of treatment. Because sinusitis is a bacterial condition, prescription medication is required to eliminate the spread of the infection and kill any detrimental bacteria. Long-term cases of sinusitis, also known as chronic sinusitis, are characterized by recurring infections that are resistant to various types of antibiotics.

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