FAQ on Sinus Pain and Endoscopic Surgery

by admin on January 25, 2018

What are some common causes of sinus pain?

Sinusitis is one of the chief causes of sinus pain and is symptomatic of an infection in the four cavities, or sinuses, located around the eyes and nose. Acute and chronic infections can result in facial pressure, headaches, persisting coughing, breathing difficulties, and nasal congestion.

What are some technical advances that have helped relieve sinus pain?

The nasal endoscope has arguably been one of the most important advances in relieving sinus pain through examination and surgery. Endoscopes are used not only to remove blocked and infected tissue, they are also used to improve breathing and clear ventilation. Endoscopic sinus surgery can help relieve symptoms for a variety of sinus issues, such as persistent allergies, chronic bronchitis and sinus infections, frequent headaches and sinus pain, and chronic nasal discharge.

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