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Sinus Surgery

by admin on November 13, 2017

As a pediatric otolaryngologist, Dr. Rande Lazar treats children with persistent sinusitis. While antibiotics may help clear up sinus infections, in cases where sinusitis persists and leads to constant pain and discomfort, surgical intervention may provide relief for the condition. Doctors deem sinusitis chronic when it persists for more than 12 weeks and remains unrelieved by conventional medical treatments. An inflammation of the sinuses, chronic sinusitis has many causes, including infection, nasal polyps, and deviated septums. Because one or more of these conditions compromises the shape of the sinuses, mucous builds up in the cavities, leading to pain and pressure. Children with chronic sinusitis may also experience post-nasal drip, headaches, ear pain, and cough.

When performing sinus surgery to relieve chronic sinusitis, Dr. Lazar utilizes a nasal endoscope, which is a small tube-shaped device that allows him to see into the sinus cavities and remove obstructions. Dr. Lazar performs outpatient surgery under general anesthesia, using an endoscope to remove blockages and restore better air flow through the sinuses.

Following the procedure, your child may experience some discomfort and nasal congestion, which should clear up in a few days. You may also notice mild nasal discharge for about 10 days. The office staff will supply comprehensive post surgical and follow up care instructions. To learn more, visit Dr. Lazar’s website at

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