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How to Keep Sinuses Healthy

by admin on November 20, 2017

Many people choose to get annual flu shots once the colder seasons begin. However, there are basic steps individuals and families can take to keep their sinuses healthy. People can make many simple lifestyle adjustments that can keep the sinuses clear through the winter and summer.

While conventional wisdom would suggest that frequent nose blowing would contribute to the elimination of germs and bacteria, the process can actually send bacteria into the sinuses instead of out of the body. Therefore, antihistamines are a better choice. The same logic applies to nasal sprays. Excessive nasal spray use can contribute to the development of chronic sinus conditions. In lieu of sprays, the steam from boiling water can double as a sinus drainer that loosens any congestion and contributes to moisture in the sinus region.

Other health care basics such as drinking water, avoiding cigarette smoke, and sleeping well each night can contribute to overall wellness and sinus health.

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